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Lindenia (five volumes)

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Lindenia (five volumes)

Author : Jean-Jules Linden

The monumental work in the history of literature on orchids was printed in Belgium by the Lindens
in the form of a monthly review between 1885 and 1906 in French and also between 1891 and 1898 in English.

The 2,300 pages, including 813 colour plates, have been bound in 5 volumes with a gold-stamped cloth binding with colour cover.

2,300 pages in 5 volumes, 24 x 32 cm, bound, available in English.

ISBN 2-909717-06-2 (T. I)
ISBN 2-909717-07-0 (T. II)
ISBN 2-909717-08-9 (T. III)
ISBN 2-909717-09-7 (T. IV)
ISBN 2-909717-10-0 (T. V)

Available also in French

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(taxonomic link: Rik Neirynck)